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Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt


Hawaiian Molokai Black Lava Natural Sea Salt


Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Molokai natural sea salt with activated charcoal (sometimes called Hiwa Kai and Hiwa Molokai), has a deep obsidian black color and moist, silky texture. The salt is solar evaporated with purified black lava rock to add minerals, then combined with activated charcoal for color and to add detoxifying effects. I use this salt on everything and love it.

Hawaiian sea salt farms are located in Kaunakakai, on the tiny island of Molokai, and for a very important reason. In terms of distance from other land masses, the Hawaiian Island archipelago is the most isolated place on earth, which means that the ocean waters of Hawaii are as pristine as any on the planet. 

The resulting finishing salt is a very clean and yet full-flavored, ultra pure salt that is just 84% sodium chloride, and 16% naturally occurring elements–over 80 total, including critical ocean electrolytes and trace minerals.

Impress your friends with a fun twist on a classic margarita. Instead of using regular salt on the rim, we would recommend trying the black lava salt on the rim of your margarita. You will have the same taste combination of the salt and tequila, but the earthy notes will give the margarita a vibrant new finish that friends and family will enjoy.

The black lava salt’s smoky and earthy flavors are also perfect for seared ahi tuna. Fresh ahi tuna marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce ginger, some pepper, green onions, lime juice and garlic can be pan seared and finished with some black lava sea salt. Paired with some white or brown rice this seared ahi will keep your taste buds happy!

The additives compliment the natural salt flavor and add numerous health benefits to the salt. But the real fun is in the effect it brings to food. Sprinkled on grilled fish, plantains, fruit salads, pan seared scallops, or perhaps most startlingly, sushi and sashimi, is where this salt can, quite literally, make your food shine.

Black Hawaiian Salt is KOSHER CERTIFIED. The salt (2.3 oz.) is packed in a glass rubber sealed container to maintain freshness. It is fine grain so may be put in a salt shaker to replace your table salt.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in


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