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Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato seeds

Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds


Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds

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This is absolutely the best tomato I have ever grown, The taste is truly remarkable. Seeds were saved from the largest fruit on each plant to assure the best of the best. Germination rate is about 85-95%. I started my Cherokee Purple plants from seed indoors about 8 weeks before the last frost. The plants were hardened off and planted outdoors around  in early spring.

The color of a Cherokee Purple tomato is unique, it’s color is a deep red purplish tone with green shoulders. It is probably obvious to most that this heirloom tomato gets its name from the Cherokee Indians, the Indian tribes from around the Tennessee region were known to be the first to have grown these tomatoes and the seeds have been saved and passed on from generation to generation ever since that time.

When you grow Cherokee Purple tomatoes you will naturally notice some of the tomatoes will have stress cracks, kind of like they are splitting, which is perfectly normal. Cherokee Purple’s are known for cracking, this is a natural characteristic, but heavy mulching and consistent watering could help reduce the amount of cracks.

The Indeterminate vine will produce fruit 80 days from transplant. The flowers or blooms are abundant and is advised to pick a few off of the plant so the plant can concentrate its energy and nutrients to produce better fruit. I know that it is hard to pick blooms off but it really does lessen the strain on the plant and will provide more quality tomatoes.

Packet contains 30+ seeds

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