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Purple tomitillo heirloom seeds

Heirloom Purple Tomitillo Seeds


Heirloom Purple Tomitillo Seeds


The beatiful purple tomatillo has 1″ x 1½” fruits that ripen to dark purple. This tomatillo variety is sweeter than green varieties. 4-6′ plants

Purple Tomatillo-Physalis ixocarpa averages 68 days to maturity. Many are a bright violet color throughout their flesh. Much sweeter than the green types, it can be eaten right off the plant. Turns purple when ripe, rare and hard to find!

My plants yielded bushels of this wonderful fruit. I have a very tasty recipe for Tomatillo Jam that is truly mouth watering. I’ll share the recipe under the recipe tabs later.

NO pesticides, herbicides or unnatural chemical fertilizers have been used in the production of any product offered in my online store here at iyiyii.

My seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand, and are fresh for the season specified. I never sell old seed. As a result of hand cleaning, there may be some small amount of “natural” material (chafe) included with your seeds, especially the tiny ones. Just plant it with your seeds!

Each packet will contain approx. 50+ seeds

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 in


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