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Heirloom tomitillo verde green seeds

Heirloom Tomatillo Verde Seeds


Heirloom Tomatillo Verde (Green) Seeds

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This green Tomatillo plant produces tangy green fruits that are famous for making Mexican green sauces and salsa. It also can be a nice tangy addition to any salad.

Botanical name: (Physalis Philadelphia Tomatillo) is also known as Toma Verde or Ground Cherries. It is a member of the nightshade family, they are closely related to tomatoes. It is grown like a tomato. The plant and leaves look like a tomato plant. That is where the similarity ends. Twenty years ago, most Americans did not even know of the Tomatillo, let alone think about growing them. Now, avid gardeners looking for something different to grow, often turn to Tomatillos. My plants yielded bushels of this wonderful fruit. I have a very tasty recipe for Tomatillo Jam that is truly mouth watering. I’ll share the recipe under the recipe tabs later.

NO pesticides, herbicides or unnatural chemical fertilizers have been used in the production of any product offered in my online store here at iyiyii.

My seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand, and are fresh for the season specified. I never sell old seed. As a result of hand cleaning, there may be some small amount of “natural” material (chafe) included with your seeds, especially the tiny ones. Just plant it with your seeds!

Each packet will contain approx. 50+ seeds

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