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Mommoms proper pickling spice blend

Proper Pickling Spice Blend


Mommoms Proper Pickling Spice Blend


The Proper pickling Spice blend is actually my Mommom’s pickling spice recipe, which was handed down to me. The blend of spices and herbs can be used to preserve a variety of foods – from cucumbers to pickled okra. Pickling spices are also used to make corned beef and a variety of other meats.

Pickling spice not only adds characteristic flavor to pickles, it adds complex flavor to braised meats, stews, beans and┬árice dishes. To infuse recipes with the multi-dimensional taste of this blend, create a sachet by placing pickling spice in the center of a piece of cheesecloth or a coffee filter and tying it tightly with a long piece of string. Leave a few inches of extra string on the bundle so it’s easy to remove after cooking. Drop the flavor sachet into the pot and enjoy the distinctive taste and aroma this blend provides.

I often cook Corned Beef and it always comes with a tiny spice packet. If you want the old time taste of the corned beef you had as a child then add 2 teaspoons of my blend to the water. The result will be magical.

Who would have thought that my Mommom’s┬ápickling spice would become so trendy? It’s a delicious combination of “the in” flavors–cinnamon, allspice, mustard seed, coriander, bay leaves, ginger, chile peppers, cloves, black pepper, mace and cardamom. The blend is a perfect complement to slow cooker recipes for pot roasts and stews, braised meats, soups, and rice dishes. Pickling spice is not just for pickles anymore!

Partial list of Ingredients: Cinnamon stick, Bay leaves, Cloves, Mustard seeds, Coriander seeds, Peppercorns, Allspice, Dill seeds, Special spices, Red pepper flakes

There is no salt or MSG in our pickling spice blend. Packaged in a 5.5 fl. Oz container, the actual spice blend weighs approx. 3.5 oz.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5 in


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