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What can I say? I grew up in a generation that actually is well defined by history, the Hippy Generation. A common definition of a hippy is a young person of the 1960s who rejected established social mores, advocated spontaneity and the expanding of consciousness, and often wore long hair and unconventional clothes. Guess that fits me except I really never rejected established social mores. I married very young and was blessed with two exceptional children. They in turn, blessed me with eight exceptional grandchildren.

The name that children call their grandmother evolves over time. Before you become a grandmother, you may think you don’t want to be called by any of the “old lady” names, because you’re not ready for the rocking chair! However, once the baby is born, you’ll be amazed at how the magic of the words spoken from those tiny little lips transfer the term ‘grandmother’ into a magical, beautiful thing, and how the rocking chair welcomes you both to a new world and the names they use to acknowledge you comes from pure love. Like my mother and grandmother before me, I became “Mommom”. Of all the names I have been called over my lifetime this name ranks 2nd only to “Mommy”.

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A number of people have been after me to sell my concoctions and share some of my secrets. This will be a journey for me to undertake and yet it does make sense to me to share my wares and knowledge much like my Mother and Grandmothers did with me. This site shall be that effort.

What They Say

Mommom’s Place surprises us time and time again with its excellent quality and excellent customer service. Thanks for the many shipments last year, we use them as gifts!


Ron Donnally, Health Nut
The vanilla extract is so strong and so rich that I don’t dare ever use any other brand. I know it is aged so that might be the secret but I have yet to find anything comparable. The quality is a baker’s dream.
Tracy Alders, Baker
I have to say that everything I have tried that Mommom makes is fabulous. The food is to die for and the salves really work and help. What more can I say
Josie W., Actress
For years I have been trying and using various products that Mommom makes. I only words I can think of to describe her “concoctions” are out of this world and delicious. I also use her soap, salves and extracts and I don’t believe that there is anything on the market today that compares with them.
Alex T., Home Engineer

The Knowledge Place

Herbs have been used for thousands of years, both medicinally and ritually. Every herb has its own unique characteristics, and these properties are what makes the plant special. More…
Fermented food supplies your gut with the probiotics – the good bacteria – that are essential for radiant health and unstoppable energy. More…
Stevia is the first great-tasting, zero-calorie natural sweetener that’s a miracle of nature, not chemistry. More…
Canning is a fun, easy and rewarding activity that gives that feeling of satisfaction that you’re being self-reliant.  More…
If you are using one of the standard commercially made bars, you may not even be using soap at all. Homemade Soap, aka real soap, is the only way to go. More…
Here’s the Rub offers a variety of recipes and techniques for using spices and herbs to enhance any dish.


Seed Saving from one year to the next was once a way of life and it makes good sense for a number of reasons.  More…
Homemade salves and ointments have been around for thousands of years.  More…
Sea salt has been growing in popularity over the past few years as a result of more and more people learning about all the health benefits sea salt has to offer. More…


Mommom’s Team

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Owner / CEO

Jaime J

Yep this is me, Mommom. I work tirelessly to make things that I know my family and friends love. I am very “old timey” in thought, word and deed. I have studied all things natural and healthy and try to create products that help. My love of canning and creating recipes dates way back when and I use “old school” combined with “new” to safely create my concoctions.

Partner / PIC

Kitchen Stuff

I have more kitchen pots, pans, and utensils than “Carter has liver pills” however, if one has the right tools, one can never fail. That’s my thinking and I’m sticking to it. There are so many choices to make when preparing food. I almost exclusively use quality stainless steel pots,pans and utensils because of the non-reactive properties of them. Stainless steel is easy to use and sterilize so they are my 1st choice. Where would I be without them? Kitchen stuff is definitely considered an important partner in my endeavors.

Partner / CIC

The Garden

The garden and I are like a kindred spirit. I can not imagine a life without a garden in it. My Father’s parents lived on a farm and I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend a great deal of time on that farm. I learned much about gardening from my Poppop and I learned a great deal about canning and preparing food from my Mommom. I am grateful that I have had gardens in my life for over 30 years.




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